Our services mainly focus on engineering and infrastructure in the telecom sector with satisfactory services offered to telecom giants.
  • Fulfilled Project rollout on EPC module with expert team on Engineering.
  • Supply – Installation and Commissioning of telecom structures, DG's & Equipments.
  • Expertised construction on BTS cell sites with skilled construction team.
  • Constructing GBT, RTT, RPT and BTS cell sites.
  • Civil Engineering services for scheduled project completions.
  • Surveying, mapping supports on site and acquisitions.
  • Electrical Equipments supply and installations services to client suit passive projects.
  • RFI – submission for ISP works commencing.
  • Expertise Multiple location operations on Projects.
  • Survey of built-up and routes for NLD connectivity with drawings.
  • ROW & Licensing with Roads departments.
  • Implementation of OFC laying & Restorations.
  • Connectivity handovers with splicing & link testing.
  • Local access trenching and Cable laying works.
  • Sub-access wire line connectivity works.
  • Restoration on BT roads and NOC obtaining with departments.
Passive O & M
  • BTS cell sites passive operation and maintenance.
  • Shelter telecom infrastructure maintenance.
  • Air conditioners scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • Electricity board Liaisoning works and remittance of EB payments.
  • Power and SMPS maintenance and SME coordination.
  • Diesel generators & AMF panel routine maintenance.
  • Battery bank checks and maintenance.
  • Root cause analysis and alarm issues solving.
Active O & M
  • BTS equipments installations.
  • Antenna alignment and installations.
  • Transmission equipment installations.
  • Microwave equipment installations.
  • Data equipment installations.
  • Swap projects with multiple BTS handling.
  • RF optimization and Power calibrations.
  • Fiber optic FRT team for network maintenance.
  • Active on line maintenance for BTS and other ISP equipments.
  • Project management services for server room.
  • Infrastructure creations and modifications.
  • Facility management services for Data centres.
  • AMC on Building management services in telecom.
  • FTTB – Fiber routing and pole fixings in IT parks.
  • Supply & Installation of Utility for special projects. (UPS – Inverters – Alarm systems – Fire fighting systems).
  • Data Structured Cabling Systems for Networks.